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Franko's Pizza & Bar 14. je na listi 50 Top Pizza za 2024. godinu

Franko s pizza & bar was announced as the 14th best pizzeria in Europe this year in Madrid,

and if that wasn't enough, with us in Zagreb arrived a prestigious award for best

performance this year.

Namely from last year's 43rd, this year we climbed a high 29 places in the ranking, our

creative team came back hands full of awards. First 20 places in the ranking 50 Top Pizza

Europe 2024, rightfully enters the 100 best pizzerias in the world because it is these

pizzerias that will meet at the Mercadante theater in Naples on September 10th for the 50

Top Pizza World 2024.

And while cuts are just cuts, in this context we are exclusively talking about pieces. Those

right, tasty eights of a pizza which we indulge in, scream rhapsody of colour, taste and

smell awakening every taste bud.

After winning the prestigious award for the best pizzaiolo in the world last year, owner

Michele Pascarella won the title of champion for his pizzeria Napoli on the Road in London

this year, winning the prestigious award of the best pizzeria in Europe excluding Italy,

chosen by 50 Top Pizza.

At the award ceremony for the best pizzeria in Europe, 50 Top Pizza which is the guiding

organization for pizzerias in the world, placed this year in the Spanish capital Madrid

pizzeria Sartoria Panatieri from Barcelona slipped from last year's first place to second

place this year, while third place went to the Eno pizzeria Via Toledo in Vienna, which at the

same time won the award for the best pizza of the year with Nero di Marinara.

If you are planning a trip to London, in addition to visiting Napoli on the Road, you can also

stop by the 4th ranked pizzeria according to 50 Top Pizza 2024. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo.

The fifth place went to the pizzeria Baldoria in Madrid, Cira Cristiana, which also took home

a special award for this year's best pasta proposal.

The sixth place takes us to the German Pizza Zulu in Fürth, while the seventh place went to

the IMperfetto pizzeria in Puteaux, France.

If the trip takes us to IMperfetto, we have the opportunity to see how this year's best

European pizzaiolo Tonino Cogliano makes pizzas.

Here is a list of the best pizzerias in Europe:

1. Napoli On The Road, London

2. Sartoria Panatieri, Barcelona

3. Via Toledo Enopizzeria, Vienna

4. 50 Kalò, London

5. Baldoria, Madrid

6. Pizza Zulu, Fürth

7. IMperfetto, Puteaux

8. NNea, Amsterdam

9. La Balmesina, Barcelona

10. Fratelli Figurato, Madrid

11. La Pizza È Bella, Antwerp

12. Forno D’Oro, Lisbon

13. Surt, Copenhagen

14. Franko’s Pizza & Bar, Zagreb

15. Little Pyg, Dublin

16. Matto Napoletano, Skopje

17. Demaio, Bilbao

18. Stile Napoletano, Chester

19. La Piola Pizza, Brussels

20. Zielona Górka, Pabianice

21. Guillaume Grasso, Paris

22. 450°C, Turku

23. MaMeMi, Copenhagen

24. Malafemmena, Berlin / Forza, Helsinki

25. Odori, Athens / 450 Gradi, Lidingö

26. L’Antica Pizzeria, London

27. PEPPO’s, Riga

28. Ciao A Tutti, Warsaw

29. ‘O Ver, London

30. Pop’s Pizza, Ljubljana

31. La Manifattura, Paris

32. Pietra, Belgrade

33. Arte Bianca, Sagres

34. Pizza Nuova, Prague

35. Belli Di Mamma, Budapest

36. Sapori Italiani U Taliana, Bratislava

37. Majstor I Margarita, Belgrade / Futura Neapolitan Pizza, Berlin

38. Gasparic, Girona

39. Margherita Pizzeria, Tallinn

40. Dalmata, Paris

41. Infraganti, Alicante

42. Da PONE, Zurich

43. Kytaly, Geneva / 081 Pizzeria, London

44. MOZZ., Ankara

45. Lupita Pizzaria, Lisbon

46. ‘NaPizzà, Brussels

47. Iovine’s, Paris

48. Villa Severino, Helsinki

49. ZANO, Iași

50. Papi Mannheim, Mannheim

This year's magic happened in Spain, where the rankings and awards for this year were

awarded as part of a gala ceremony on May 14, 2024 at the Fundación Pablo VI in Madrid,

which was broadcast live on the official channel and social media.

The most represented country on this year's list is Spain with 39 pizzerias. France followed

with 21 and Germany with 17.

See you in Naples :)


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