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Pizza Island 14 - the story of 4 cheeses and one island | Part 1

With a new pizza on the Franko's Pizza & Bar menu, we're continuing the story of Croatian regions and their gastronomic strenghts. This time it's a dedication to the island of Pag and to cheese.

Franko's pizzaoli
Franko's pizzaioli Mario Markušić i Boris Lukšić

With spring knocking on our doors, it was about time to come up with something new... It was time to continue the journey through Croatian regions- the exciting journey that started with "Creamy Baranja", "Autumn in Slavonia" and continued with "No fake Truffles" as a dedication to Istria. Now, it's high time for the island of Pag.

So, the idea was to remake the world's hit- because, who apart from the mixed pizza, hasn't heard of the popular Quattro Formaggi pizza with 4 types of cheese? Why wouldn't those 4 cheeses be from Croatia? Hm, why not be from one place? And why not learn about it a bit more?

The Whatsapp group Pizzaioli Franko's came to life very quickly and a few hundred messages after there we ware in the car on our way to Pag. Final destination: Kolan, The Gligora cheese.

A missed ferry, a few hundred kilometers more due to an unrelenting storm and a bit of fear over the bridge in our delivery vehicle, whose clumsy aerodynamics made it an ideal running target...oh, it was worth it! The friendly owner Šime Gligora welcomed us in his cheese shop and devoted several hours to us in which he explained everything we were interested in, and we learned more than we expected for which we are immensely grateful.

We returned to Zagreb full of ideas and a trunk full of cheeses and delicacies. But that's where our real challenge started- to incorporate our experience and vision into a pizza for our Guests! For few days, in the evenings after closing time, the stove at Franko's remained burning long into the night until we reached a result that we are ready to share with You

You are able to taste The Island 14 pizza at Franko's Pizza & Bar as soon as this weekend.

Don't forget to book Your place :)

P.S. If you wondered what the name Island 14 stands for...

1 is for The island, 4 is for it's four cheeses and for the number 14... well, we read somewhere that this number in numerology represents new beginnings and positive change.

Just perfect for springtime, right?


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