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It's time to say hello to Napoli

The winners of the Caputo Trophy 2023 in the category of national teams pizza No1 and the Caputo Pizza Cup in Osijek Summer in Siam are a special offer at Franko's Pizza & Bar.

One year ago, the journey to world gold began in Osijek. Our Boris with the Summer in Siam pizza won the first place at the Caputo Pizza Cup and thereby secured an appearance at the Trofeo Caputo in Naples. Just to participate in such an event is the dream of every pizzaiolo. But what followed was hardly what anyone expected.

The team made up of pizzaiolo from Osijek's Novi Saloon and Zagreb's Franko's Pizza & Bar delighted the most demanding jury in the pizza world with their pizza and brought the winning cup to Croatia.

Pizza was affectionately called, without much thought, and how else - No1.

And included in the special offer of the New Saloon and Franko's Pizza & Bar.

While our expedition is silently devotedly preparing for the upcoming trip to Naples and the defense of the title, we decided to support them by putting both pizzas on special offer in the hope that we will have to update it with a new one very soon

Pizzas are available from today, see you at Branimirova 71A.

You can reserve a table here.

Buona fortuna ragazzi!


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