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Meet the Superllina. Franko's first power pizza.

Spring has officially arrived. A time of new beginnings and challenges for which, above all, you will need a clear mind and energy. Inspired by the sounds of Sinatra's It Might As Well Be Spring, we gave our creative team of pizzaiolo a new challenge.

We need something fresh, powerful and refreshing. Something with the energy of a spring day.

From the list of foods they ordered for experimentation, it was clear that they were not kidding.


Blue-green algae. It is grown mainly in Australia, China and Hawaii. Many call it a miracle of nature, and it is believed to be one of the oldest forms of life on Earth. It is considered an extremely healthy food and superfood, and it also contains a wide spectrum of antioxidants. Confirmed by NASA, astronauts use it as a dietary supplement.

2. Broccoli

A food that should be on our menu more often because it performs incredibly well when it comes to vitamin and mineral content. Due to the positive effects of this plant on health, it is called a super vegetable.

3. Anchovies

These big-tasting little silverfish come with tons of health benefits and boast some pretty impressive cognitive health benefits.

Although the creation of a new pizza at Franko's is sometimes a long process, this time it was not like that. After only a few days, a proud invitation to a tasting came from the kitchen. Super was the word that ran through the comments of the tasters and the descriptions of the mentioned foods, which are called super food in turn, so the name was imposed by itself. Superllina was born, our first power pizza, the power of which you can see for yourself starting this Friday at Branimirova 71A.

You can reserve a table online or by phone at 01 6530884.


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