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Salmon Diamond

Limited edition pizza dedicated to the new Rolling Stones album

Once, giving an interview, we quite spontaneously came to the conclusion that the processes of creating a new pizza at Franko's are very similar to the creation of songs in bands.

"Someone comes with an idea, then someone adds something, and then a discussion begins. Of the 30 or so employees, practically everyone is involved in that part"

Such is the story of the Salmon Diamond pizza. The idea came back in August, during the annual holidays. Someone watching the inflatable flamingos swinging on the waves somewhere in the Adriatic sent to the creative group "Hey, how about we go out with a pink-purple pizza?"

Several months and dozens of attempts later, in which a lot of mozzarella di bufala, rosé, and sparkling wine perished, we finally reached a result that we were satisfied with. After that, as it usually goes with creative processes, it stopped. The name and the final touch were missing.

And then it imposed itself.

A new album by the Rolling Stones was released, the cover of which was decorated with identical colors and patterns that we, without knowing it, played at the same time as the design team of the greatest rock n roll band of all time.

"Great mind thinks alike"

Is it ? :)

That's how Salmon Diamond was born. Pizza on a ricotta and beetroot base, with mozzarella di bufala, marinated salmon and pearls of sparkling wine.

We were thinking about how to repay Mick and Keith for giving us inspiration again, because they jumped on us once before with Mixed Emotions,

So they decided that in their honor, the pizzaioli on the uniforms will be replaced by Franko's logo for the next week.

You can try the new pizza at Franko's Pizza & Bar from Friday 10/27/2023. Just remember to book your table in advance.


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